Good connection

Expressing yourself can be very difficult at times. When you think the timing is best, it can sometimes be hurtful as well. Everyone is different, from their DNA, mindset and belief. But yet we are still all connected in the most natural way. If you break it down, you will be able to see that we all come from the same source. We all have love within us, even if some people consider ones love to toward something to be negative, it’s still love. The amount of love should never be counted because it’s everlasting. It goes beyond the physical because we are all spiritually connected. Knowing that, expressing can be more than just words and tangible offerings. Expressing can be an energy that gives information without a single word. I sometimes fall short of expressing myself because I don’t have the right verbage, but on a more spiritual level I am understood. Whichever way one chooses to express themselves, is the way they should share. Regardless of how, it should always be embraced. We all can learn how to understand one another because we are connected.


I am Grateful. I am present. I am loving. I am giving. I am a son. I am a brother. I am a friend and I love to lend a hand. Been feeling hella inspired lately, in creative mode. Sometimes I just like to enjoy life as it comes and that’s been awesome. Met some new friends been kicking it coming up with ideas create content. It’s cool because they are from the states and on the same mindset on being out the country and having a different experience on being out the country. I love that some of us are not making the pandemic take a toll on our lives, We are all having the human experience. Aiming for self sustaining living and trying to build bonds all over so I can share. If you are reading if you think the world can be a better place shoot a email on how you think we can be better yet nondestructive to our environment. 

Be grounded

I am being present, I am being aware. Not sure what is going on globally but I must continue to breathe and keep a sane mind. I have so much to say so much to ask but I know I’m not sharing my thoughts how I truly would like to. So these blog post is my start. We are connected with nature and animals its universal law. I feel pleased doing as the animals and nature the doing of nothing being still, feeling and observing my surroundings. We are not brought here to be robots but in a modern world you must do as said and not rebel. The term modern is soo wack now. Learning and breaking all flawed knowledge. Continue to spread love and peace with all walks of life be grounded with self and others. I am still growing and I love it. 

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