Gemini season approaching

Today was a great day, woke up early to get the day started. We started off with some fruit drinks just about fifteen mins away from the house at the local Rasta restaurant. Its a day before Kandy birthday so figure we shoot and knock out our chores a day before the big one, i am excited for her as she continue to grow into the pure heart being she chooses to be. I am grateful to embrace her existence (Kandy) and cherish the moments we do have good and the bad and i wouldn’t have want to done this here life with anyone else. These days consist of driving slow and observing for the perfect pull offs and scenic vibes the eye attracts. So yeah that indeed happen and we found a nice open field with looks to be a old ranch building with rusted out old machinery. My beautiful muse Kandy was extremely relaxed today and vibrant as could be, that is always a plus when out trying to puzzle the art together. We’re visiting another parish part of the island so we figure to take advantage of another project as well with a Rasta company and their clothing. I unfortunately was not shooting any analog photography today other than with my Polaroid camera. Today photography was shot on a Canon Rebel t6 ,The out come the shots came out great although the lighting was definitely not its best today but i am sure the best is yet to come and i am patient.

At the end of the day we are just trying to continue to stay active and alive through the COVID-19 situation we have going on around the world. If anyone does read this what are your daily activities to get you going and keeping you happy? peace and love.

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